Petfinder Foundation

About the Petfinder Foundation
The Petfinder Foundation exists to help you. The Petfinder Foundation gives grants to members to help recover from disaster, help keep pets happy and healthy and find them homes more easily. As a Petfinder member, you can also sign up for the Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor a Pet program, which lets Petfinder visitors donate to you via a button on your pet profiles.

Partnership with
Founded in 1996, houses and offers access to the largest database of homeless pets on the Web, featuring hundreds of thousands of adoptable pets at more than 13,500 animal welfare organizations nationwide. Millions of visitors search the database daily, helping homeless pets across the country find new homes worldwide.

Grant Opportunities
Below is a list of some of the open grant opportunities from the Petfinder Foundation. Stay informed of all grant opportunities by visiting the Petfinder Foundation’s grants page.

Disaster:Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes and other events can devastate animal rescue and shelter organizations. The Petfinder Foundation oversees a Disaster Fund to help pets and animal welfare organizations when natural or man-made disaster hits a community.OPEN: Apply Here


Emergency Medical Grant:The Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical grant program is to assist Petfinder members who are caring for a pet that needs special veterinary care in order to become adoptable. Grants from this program can be used to cover expenses due to dental work, emergency surgery, etc. up to $1,000. This program will not provide grants to cover veterinary bills for normal day to day vet services like spay/neuter, vaccines or routine exams.OPEN: Apply Here


Grant Requirements:
Each grant has its own guidelines, but in general the Petfinder Foundation asks that you:

  • Be a Petfinder member in good standing
  • Provide basic information about your organization
  • Submit grant reports, including receipts, after you’ve spent the funds
  • Provide pictures and adoption stories about pets who were helped by the grant