Marketing Adoptable Pets


Marketing Adoptable Pets

Did you know that only approximately 27% of people looking to bring a new pet into their family choose to adopt from an animal shelter or rescue group*? With so many wonderful pets currently in the care of shelter and rescue groups, why aren’t more people choosing to adopt? Through their dedication to research, Purina sought to learn more about what’s creating barriers to pet adoption. These learnings, combined with Petfinder’s tools and resources, can help shelters and rescue groups place more adoptable pets in loving homes.

Marketing adoptable pets for animal shelters and rescues Barriers

Help alleviate adopter uncertainly through informative pet descriptions. The more potential adopters feel like they know who they’re adopting, the more confident they are in their ability to provide great care for their new family member.

Here are some suggestions on what to include in your pet descriptions:

  • Known facts about the pet’s history
  • Honest and positive description about the pet’s personality
  • Health information, including vaccination and spay/neuter status
  • If the pet prefers a home with or without cats, dogs, or children
  • Any training (including housetraining) the pet may know
  • Milestones or achievements the pet has made in your care

Marketing adoptable pets for animal shelters and rescues with Photos

Photos are a great way to show off each pet’s personality. Posting multiple photos helps give potential adopters a better idea of not only the pet’s personality, but size as well. Here are some tips to help capture great pet photos:

Marketing adoptable pets for animal shelters and rescues Photo tips personality

The more supported a potential adopter feels throughout their adoption journey, the more confident they’ll feel about adopting. Here are a few ways you can provide support:

  • Keep your contact information on Petfinder updated
  • Respond to inquiries promptly and politely
  • Answer questions honestly
  • Share your organization’s work and expertise
  • Ask them questions about their lifestyle to help create the perfect match
  • Help guide them to the right pet, even if he/she is not with your organization
  • Be available after the adoption
  • Offer them helpful tips, including the Home Forever Home article series

Marketing adoptable pets for animal shelters and rescues use video to promote