Shelter Software Guide

Shelter Software Guide 


Petfinder is freely available to all of our shelter and rescue group members.  You can upload pets for free to Petfinder at any time using the Petfinder Admin System.  If you are looking to integrate shelter management software with Petfinder to automatically update your pet list, we have put together this shelter management software guide, but you are always welcome to continue to manually upload pets for free.

Welcome to the Petfinder Pro Guide to Shelter Management Software and Import System. Use this guide to learn more about the benefits of automatic import, how to get started and integrations with shelter management software.

Why use shelter software?

Petfinder’s import system allows shelters and rescue groups to quickly and easily add their adoptable pets to Petfinder, as well as keep their pet lists automatically up to date. Organizations are able to upload data as frequently as they like, as our import system runs continuously.  The benefits of Petfinder’s import feature include:

  • The ability to manage your pet listings in one place
  • The ability to bulk upload to Petfinder
  • The option to use the pet management software of your choice
  • The option to have a local copy of your pet data on your computer (depending on your software)


Which software is right for your shelter or rescue group?

There are many animal management software programs available, the list below outlines some current options. To help you determine which might be the best for your organization and for more information, please visit the website of the software by clicking on their name.


Animal Shelter Manager


ARK Software

Buzz to the Rescues

Chameleon Software

Companion Protect


Mobile Animal Rescue

Paw Trax





Shelter Buddy EXPRESS

Shelter Buddy Pro


Shelter Management System 

Shelter Pro



Smart Pet Health

The Pet Friend



*Please note, PetPoint currently charges their shelter and rescue clients an annual fee to auto-import their pet listings to Petfinder

Many of these platforms allow you to automatically import your pets to Petfinder, making keeping an up-to-date list of pets easy regardless of your intake rate.

Import your data to Petfinder

If you’d like to import data to Petfinder, getting started is easy!  Just email with the following information:
1. Group name & Petfinder shelter ID#
2. Name of the software you’re using
3. How the current pet listings in your account should be handled:
A – Delete them
B – Protect them from being deleted by your imported data

Make sure that you are already listed as an “Administrator” in the “Contacts & Access” area of your account at and we’re happy to help you get started.


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