Great Pet Pics: On Their Level

by Jim Chesters


To help capture great photos, try meeting pets on their level. Rather than standing over the pet and looking down on him or her, try bringing the camera viewer eye-level with the pet to help create a much more natural shot. This eye-level approach helps create great photos for all pets, but is especially helpful when photographing small pets.

Kneeling down or lying on the ground can sometimes be the best way to get these types of shots. If you’re having trouble with the camera shaking you can try balancing the camera on a book or similar object to keep it steady. For a blurred background effect you can create a shallow depth of field by using a large aperture and a fast shutter speed so you can capture quick moving pets.

This great kitten photo demonstrates how you can apply this “on their level” approach to pets inside their kennel. By opening the door to the kennel and getting the camera in close and low you can create a pretty dynamic looking shot in that small space. Avoid using a flash, especially in metal cages, as the light will bounce off all surfaces and make the resulting image look harsh.

Getting down on the pet’s level for their photo helps focus on the pet’s eyes and can create a more flattering photograph than one taken looking down on the pet. Find more pet photography resources here.