Great Pet Pic: White Pets

by Jim Chesters

White, like black, on a pet can be difficult to capture in a photograph. The wrong conditions, like under direct sunlight, can blow out all the white in the photo and leave your pet unidentifiable.

This adoptable rabbit Harley is here from Secondhand Hounds to showcase a great pet pic with an all white pet.


Harley looks like he may have been photographed in a lightbox or with a backdrop, which is a great solution if you have the resources (you can find several guides on how to build a cheap lightbox online), but you can also try taking your pet outside to a shady spot or taking the photo in a well-lit room.

There are also a few technical things you can do before and after taking the photo to help bring out the bright, natural white in your pet. Before shooting set your camera’s white balance. You may want to test a couple different settings to find the one that works best. Some suggested white balance settings are around the 5000 Kelvin mark, or using an ‘overcast’ lighting selection on your camera.

After you take the photo be sure to run it through Photoshop or another photo editing application. You may need adjust the exposure and contrast as well as the levels to fine tune the colors.

What are some other ways you’ve found to get good white pet photos? Post them in the comments!

Soft colors without too much distraction can gently bring out your white.